– The Surf Engine That’s Making Waves


SurfWax.comSurfWax is a unique and intuitive search engine that’s making waves. At first glance, you may think it an ordinary search, but this engine is packed with tons of cool features, tricks, and widgets to put on your blog.

When you open the search page, you can choose how many results will appear, by factors of relevancy, alpha, or source, and then check whether or not you’d like a summary of each link. As the results load from your query, links appear as the title of the page, you can choose to ”focus” these results. Surfwax will help you magnify your search by providing you with alternate search topics, phrases and concepts.
Beyond the traditional search, SurfWax also provides you with an RSS Feed Search, a News Accumulator, a Shopping Engine, and WikiWax, which searches Wikipedia. They’ve recently launched LookAhead and LookAhead for Blogs, a tool you can embed on your blog to receive continuous feeds from the leading 20 blogs. LookAhead is a search engine that allows you to put AJAX interactive navigation across multiple vocabularies on your site. In Their Own Words

Put LookAhead on your blog site for FREE!
Embeds without any change to your blog interface. The following Demos took
less than 5 minutes to setup and now continuously harness feeds.

Why It Might Be A Killer

SurfWax is a search engine that, albeit is a little rough around the edges, gets points for putting in some serious thought about the way people should be searching. Foremostly, Their LookAhead allows users to browse before they search, creating “discovery” as opposed to the sometimes ineffective keyword search. A great feature is that you can turn summaries on or off. When you turn the summaries off, you simply get a list of website titles, making browsing results much quicker. Their alternative searches are great, I’ll be interested to know what tools they’ll be developing next.

Some Questions About

How will SurfWax expand and develop their suite of search engines? Could they allow bloggers to create a customizable search, where they could put any number of blogs or websites into a search?