– Capture Screenshots & Share Them

SuperstashApp.comA new iPad app, Superstash offers a practical way not just to browse the Internet but also to capture screenshots, and have them annotated and shared on the spot.

Using Superstash, you will be able to capture the front page of any periodical that has a remarkable piece of news, comment it and have it shared with your best friends. And you will also be allowed to seize any page whose design seems well-crafted, and send it to any colleague you have to get a design together with. When doing so, you will be able to include your insight by adding a note or two to the actual screenshot.

Besides, users of Superstash can also add ratings and tags to anything they are sharing. That is made possible because Superstash can handle intelligent meta-data when it comes to any image that is shared through it (and stored in its built-in library).

And those of you who are going to use Superstash in order to get design inspiration will be delighted to know that a companion site is provided, made up of remarkable designs that can be readily commented and shared. In Their Own Words

Superstash is an enhanced web browser that allows you to quickly take screenshots of any page on the web, annotate it, instantly share with friends and colleagues, or file it for future reference.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Designers will find it a fabulous tool for sharing inspiration around.

Some Questions About

Which features are forthcoming? When?