– Monetizing Virtual Currencies

SupersonicAds.comSupersonicAds is a monetization platform for virtual currencies that can be employed by online community of every ypet. Obviously, gaming websites and virtual worlds top the list, but such a platform has other usages.

For example, online merchants could employ such a currency as an alternative payment method, and a whole new world of possibilities could be explored.

When it comes to an app or a game, the way it all works is by integrating an offer page into it and then having the user complete it. Upon doing so, he will receive a set sum of that virtual currency and you (as the developer) are paid the amount that is due.

Of course, such a platform comes with heavy geo-localization, in order to ensure the relevance of what is displayed to your users. What good is a platform that makes you end up taking coals to Newcastle, after all?

The registration process is dealt with in a couple of minutes, and (if all goes well) you can have ads up and running within an hour. Integration methods include both XML and dedicated APIs. In Their Own Words

“SupersonicAds operates a monetization tool for virtual currency in social applications and game communities. With our unique localization engine and large variety of local advertisers, we deliver the best user experience while increasing revenue for our partners.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

As far as monetization platforms go, this one has all the features one would expect to see in one such solution. And the fact it caters for a specialized market to begin with gives it that added (and absolutely vital) ounce or relevance.

Some Questions About

Will this company ever branch out and cover other continents?