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SuperSaaS.comFed up with trying to keep track of your business’s schedule? Annoyed by constantly having to reschedule meetings, reserve meeting rooms, and be tied up on the phone by overly chatty customers? If this sounds like you, SuperSaas may be able to provide some welcome relief from all these frustrations. A web based scheduling and reservation system, SuperSaas lets you manage all of your appointments and bookings online.

To get started, sign up for an and begin creating your schedule by choosing options from the SuperSaas webpage. The service is really flexible and provides tons of customizations options; you can upload company logo, allow users to make changes to their appointment times automatically, synch SuperSaas with Excel, and many more. You can even assign a “Super User” status to allow one or more users to reset passwords to carry out administrative tasks for you, like resetting passwords. SuperSaas’s basic account is free, but you’ll need to pay for an upgrade to unlock all of the advanced features and enjoy an ad-free experience. In Their Own Words

“Use SuperSaas to build very flexible web based scheduling and reservation systems:

• Accept online appointments for your business

• Let employees reserve company meeting rooms

• Show when your boat is available for rent

• Let members of the tennis club book courts

• and much more”.

Why It Might Be A Killer

SuperSaas could really do wonders for business time management. Apart from being easy to use, SuperSaas helps to make scheduling and booking more direct by allowing clients to do these tasks themselves. Since it’s a web-based service, you can access SuperSaas anywhere, anytime, which makes this program preferable to anything you might have to download. The site also offers an informative demo which will help you out if you’re having difficulty.

Some Questions About

Does SuperSaas integrate with any other business software? They mention Excel, but what about other office applications? It would be really useful if users could synch data from other databases and spreadsheets, like Google Documents, and/or upload contacts from their email providers.