– Following in Etsy’s Footsteps

Supermarket.comSuperMarket caters to the Walmart weary and discerning consumer who appreciates eclectic, quirky designs with stories and histories behind them. Think slightly up-market Etsy.

Rather than attending to folksy, home made crafts, SuperMarket offers the kind of items you’d expect to see at a high minded semi-cultish film auteur’s bachelors pad. Glossy, super imposed photographs blown up to poster size—perfect as a salon conversation piece. Novelty earplugs inspired by Holly Golightly. Black t-shirts with clever copy, e.g. ‘ little black dress’. Cork wrist cuffs, spacious leather totes, paper place mats with clever, often geographic or utilitarian names, the Stockholm, the Grey Market Duffel. Items are split into three main divisions: wear + carry, space + place, and paper + prints. To purchase any one of these fine pieces, you’ll need to set up an account first. Designers, ship out an email to the SuperMarket to team to get you’re stuff sold on site. In Their Own Words

“Hi, we’re Supermarket.
We’re here to connect you directly with designers and the great things they make.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The popularity of DIY and niche, handmade, non-mass produced items has been duly proved with sites like Etsy—just read the spread about it in the New York Times. People want something that goes beyond your Ikeas and Walmarts. They’re looking to quit conforming to one look and one basic uniform for decorating and dressing. It’s not simply a youthful gesture. People like different.

Some Questions About

SuperMarket doesn’t give a clear description of how its pricing and profit scheme works. Buyers would probably appreciate knowing how much of the profits actually go back to the designers themselves. Features that seem to be lacking: ability to share and bookmark items, feeds for individual designers, and ratings.