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Sunumax.comSunumax is one of these services that turn the Internet into a more human place. What this new service enables webmasters to do is nothing more and nothing less than add human models to their sites, in order to have someone who will greet their visitors and introduce them to the main products and services they provide.

There are three versions of this service: Basic, Plus and Premium. Between them, they cover the needs of individuals, bloggers, small companies and large organizations. The basic version of Sunumax costs $ 99, and it will let you have a 30-second video placed on your site. And this plan has a bandwidth limit amounting to 100 GB. On the other hand, the videos that can be created when going for the Plus and Premium plans last longer, as much as 60 seconds. And the bandwidth goes up more than considerably, too – 500 GB for the Plus plan, and 1000 GB for the Premium edition.

In any case, you can preview Sunumax for free on your site. Simply supply its URL and your email address when prompted, and you’ll be able to see how the service would work when applied to your website in no time at all, and how well a human host goes with what you are selling or offering. In Their Own Words

Human touch on web.

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Can you have more than one model in the same site? Can you keep a couple of them in rotation?