– Edit, Backup Flickr Photos is a downloadable desktop application that allows you to display and edit any of your digital photos and also allows you to download your Flickr photos as well. With FlickrEdit, you can display your Flickr photos and sets, your favorites, your contacts, and your group photos.

Also search photos based on date or tag and backup your Flickr photos and sets. Included as well, is a handy import function which allows you to upload your photos to Flickr, edit them, add comments, or rotate them. Whether you are looking for a program that will simply allow you to backup your Flickr albums or a more robust solution complete with full editing functions, FlickrEdit is worth the few minutes it will take to download. In Their Own Words

“FlickrEdit is a Java Desktop application that allows you to display and edit your photos in a variety of ways. It also allows you to download/backup or upload your photos to and from Flickr. FlickrEdit is written in Java and it uses flickrj framework to access Flickr.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Perhaps the most appealing part about FlickrEdit is that it provides a simple way of backing up all of your Flickr photos, allowing you to view them whether you are connected or not. Avid Flickr users will also like being able to edit and play with their photos.

Some Questions About

Will they be coming out with a software update in the near future that will support video as well? Video is becoming increasingly popular on Flickr and being able to support this format would greatly help FlickrEdit take off.