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SumZero.comQuite a comprehensive resource, SumZero will be of help to investment professionals that want to make better-informed decisions when it comes both to hedge and mutual funds and private equity, The site is akin to a community in which individuals interested in buy-side investment can share any research they have done themselves and arrive at a collective conclusion.


A buy-side investor, incidentally, is the one who specializes in the type of funds that were mentioned in the first paragraph, and who makes recommendations to others regarding how sound would it be to invest in this or that.

The appeal of this website is that it makes such information available to people who wouldn’t have a chance to access it otherwise.

An analyst can join the site by giving ample proof that he is a legitimate professional, and once he is in he will have his own profile page, which is not that removed from the average LinkedIn page – each one lists the professional and educational background of the user, and what he has contributed to the community. Only upon submitting his own ideas and research will someone be able to see what other investment advisors are up to.

And for common folks like you and me, we can have access to one free report per week. That is, the site makes one such report openly available to the public. That is quite a good move – funds traditionally do not publish their researches. So, in addition to being an excellent resource for investors, the site also brings a whole slice of concepts into the hands of laymen everywhere. In Their Own Words

“SumZero is an exclusive financial utility focused on helping top tier investors share actionable ideas and grow their professional networks.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site has achieved an excellent mix between private and public content, and it can help many people have a better grasp on concepts that have traditionally been hard to get around.

Some Questions About

Will you ever be able to access more than one report for week?

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