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Summly.comA new iPhone application, Summly is the perfect tool for those among you who stockpile lots and lots of articles to read. You know how such a thing always ends. You keep on adding new and new articles to your list, until one day you realize you’ve got more articles in it that you could read in three lifetimes. And there’s only one thing to do when that happens, namely deleting all of them at once. And the saddest bit is you’ll start doing it all over again.

Summly is here to put an end to that. This iPhone app can go through all these articles that you have saved for later reading, and summarize every single one of them. And what’s truly interesting is how Summly does that. It basically does it in a way which changes from user to user. Summly employs adaptive technology, and it can figure out the kind of content you’re more attracted to by looking at these articles that you read.

The Summly app for iPhone is found at the other end of this link. It costs nothing, and getting it to work it is hardly going to give you any trouble. In Their Own Words

A simpler way to browse and search the web.

Some Questions About

Is this remaining an iPhone-only service? Or is it coming to more mobiles and devices?