– Quick Suggests for Your Forms

Suggiere.comForms have become practically de rigeur to get anything done online these days. It seems that you can’t surf a new site without filling out a registration form; the usual reqs are your name and email address along with a few tidbits of demographic info such as country of residence, age and gender.

However, some sites want to get to know you better and include more in depth questions on their forms. If your site is one of these latter types, chances are you probably want to enhance your forms with automatic suggests. Suggiere is a simple app which lets you add suggests to your forms in less than a minute. To use it, simply find or create a suggest list, download the JS library (sugges.js), add the library and keyup event to your code, and you’re finished. In Their Own Words

“Add suggests to your forms in less than a minute”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Suggiere is a simple yet extremely practical app for site developers. Forms may be tedious to create, but they are often necessary and Suggiere speeds up the process. It works quickly and it’s easy to use.

Some Questions About

Is there an extended suggestion list library which users can pick from? Is there an FAQ or forum for user questions?