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SuggestAShow.comSuggestAShow is a discovery engine for TV shows. The site is pretty easy to use, as all you have to do is to furnish the name of these shows that you have watched and liked for a series of suggestions to be produced. These will be arranged by relevancy – each suggestion will have a matching percentage attached to it, and the ones that have scored highest will obviously come on top.


Multiple attributes are taken into account in order to determine how much of a good match a series could be. For example, if you look for alternatives for a series such as Dexter then the system will look for shows that have a strong male lead, that feature a man against the world, and which are dark in tone. And you can specify that only shows which are currently airing be shown in the results.

In each and every case, links to Hulu, Amazon and the iTunes store are provided for you to buy anything that looks interesting on the spot. So, getting to know these shows which are recommended to you is done in two or three clicks at most. In Their Own Words

TV show recommendations.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site makes it very easy for anybody to find shows to watch – shows he is sure to like, and that he might never hear of otherwise.

Some Questions About

Can this handle sows in languages other than English?

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