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Subyo.comSubyo is a simple little web-based application that allows you to find subtitles for any YouTube video and also to create or upload subtitles of videos that don’t yet have any. To get started, simply search for the video of your choice in YouTube and then copy the URL and paste it into the bar provided at Subyo.


com. Subyo will then display a list of all the subtitles available for that given video. Conversely, if you’d like to help the cause, you can make new subtitles by clicking on the “Add Subtitles” button and then selecting the language and pasting the URL of the video you’d like to make subtitles for. Next simply start and stop the video as you add the subtitles in real time. In Their Own Words

“ is a young website started in June 2008 just for one purpose: to provide subtitles system for YouTube videos.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is a great tool and it could become a popular way for people to add subtitles in different languages and also as a way for video producers to add a bit of fun to their videos.

Some Questions About

Have they considered adding a function that would allow you to upload a script all at once instead of having to manually watch a video and add the subtitles where appropriate?

Author : Caroline Bright

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