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SubscriberWars.comThe social web is certainly interesting in the way that it mirrors the real world, but also offers a slightly different vision at the same time. For example, actors like Vin Diesel and Ashton Kutcher are the most popular ones in Facebook and Twitter respectively, and there is really no correlation to their standing in the physical world.


The case of Ashton Kutcher is all the more remarkable because he is no longer the one and only celebrity on Twitter – he was practically alone at the beginning, but now countless others have moved in. This highlights the fact that the social web has its own set of rules, and that someone who leans how to play by them is going to gain a notoriety that might be utterly alien to him in real life. And what better way to pick these rules up than looking at the ones who are on top of each service? That question was one the folks responsible for his tool asked themselves, too. And the answer materialized in the shape of this site, a resource where you can see who the leaders of social media are at a glance.

This includes noteworthy figures not only as far as Facebook and Twitter go, but also as far as other services like YouTube are concerned. In that way, you can individualize them, study what they do and learn from their behavior. You can see why they fall from grace and how they eventually climb back. It is all very interesting, and the site is so clearly arranged in categories that you will find the leader in each area within seconds. In Their Own Words

“Following the leaders of social media.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is an excellent spot for knowing who are setting the trends as far as the social web goes, and how they are achieving it.

Some Questions About

Can you interact with the leaders directly through the site?

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