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SubPals.comGetting people to subscribe to your YouTube channel is often an uphill struggle, with these strategies and services that could make a true difference being nothing short of illegal. So, it’s nice to see one that lets you take your subscribers’ count up without violating any policies along the way. Subpals lets you add up to 10 new YouTube subscriptions daily. The way this service works, you can have your YouTube account connected with the accounts of people who are also looking for new followers, and become subscribed to each other’s channel automatically.

And just to ensure that these connections that you make are actually meaningful and that people won’t unsubscribe from your channel the following day, a lot of emphasis is put on who you’re connected with. It won’t just be the first ten people who come around, SubPals actually uses an algorithm of its own for realizing who could be a good match for whom.

So, not only can SubPals give you more subscribers, this service can also introduce you to people you would gladly have a conversation with. SubPals puts you in contact with people you could easily become good friends with in real life. And that’s a great bonus any way you look at it. In Their Own Words

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What if you need more than 10 subscribers per day? Is it possible to get them using this service? Or will you have to try something else?