– A Social Site For Subway Commuters

SubMate.comI don’t know how likely is SubMate to succeed (let alone cause a sensation), but you have to give it credit for being a little different from the usual crop of social sites that bring nothing new to the table and that are forgotten as soon as they launch.

SubMate is a social resource that is aimed at those who travel by subway every day.

Apparently, the site was conceived because the programmers felt that such people always had lonesome expressions. The premise is to let these individuals be in contact with others and commute in a livelier (and also more human) way. This is done by telling our friends at which time we are getting on the subway so that they can try and catch up with us.

Statistically-speaking, something that is as specific as this site can never be a dazzling success. And the fact that you can coordinate everything with your friends equally easy by sending out a SMS is also too obvious. But I really appreciate sites that aim to blow some fresh air into something as stuffy as the social networking scene, a scene dominated by endless sites doing the same thing that are released one after the other. In Their Own Words

“Meet, discover, share. Every day. On your way!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The basic concept is interesting, and something not replicated elsewhere.

Some Questions About

Will people take to something like this?