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Subjot.comWhat would Twitter look like if you could curate the content that you follow from other users? Would that lower the noise all the way to zero? Would that turn Twitter into a more productive platform? Well, all these questions (and more) are answered by this new platform. Subjot is a new micro-messaging application that lets users see only specific updates from the people they are following. This is done by seeing a list with all the topics that they “jot” about (the verb that is used for “tweeting” here), and choosing the ones they are interested in.

Jots have a set length of no more than 250 characters, and a dropdown menu lets users choose the subjects that apply. And just in case, the application can suggest subjects for these jots that are a bit ambiguous or multifaceted

Subjot lends itself to the discussion of just anything – sports, politics, world news… it’s certainly a much more purposeful application than something like Heello. People are still wondering what to use that one for. Subjot, conversely, plays out a clear role from the very beginning: letting us fine tune our feeds. It’s a novel service, and one that can easily capture the imagination of people who have had it with the amount of noise on a site like Twitter. In Their Own Words

Talk about your favorite subjects. Let your friends choose what to follow. Follow your friends in the subjects that interest you.

Some Questions About

To which extent can users define their own subjects?