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Subernova.comSubernova is a project management application that is geared towards freelancers. Its objective is to let any solo designer or writer manage his project and keep track of every client, his demands and deadlines.


Using a service like this one, any person can figure out which projects have priority and how to best allocate time in relation to any milestone that has to be reached. This system also takes care of the invoicing of projects, as it lets anybody figure out on the spot whether a project has been quoted, invoiced or paid. It can even take care of automatically reminding clients when payment is due.

All in all, the site seems to fulfill its aim of letting freelancers concentrate on the aspects of their projects that truly matter, by organizing every single piece of information in a centralized location. As a service, it will be invaluable to many people out there – not only those who have hectic schedules, but also the ones who want to project an image that is as professional as possible. In Their Own Words

“SUBERNOVA is a web based project management tool to help solo designers, writers, bloggers, etc manage their projects, milestones, clients, track time, get reminders for important deadlines and manage project related links and inspirations all in one intuitive and elegant user interface.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If tracking the time you spend on your projects and the way they evolve is your main concern, this site will be perfect for you.

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How much does this service cost?

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