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Stylevault.netStyleVault is a site dedicated to displaying the best-designed websites and blogs as determined by user voting and submissions. Designers can submit their websites for the community’s consideration and they can go to StyleVault when they are in need of a bit of inspiration or want to see what the latest trends in design are.


Anyone can go to the site, sign up and then choose to submit their projects or to vote on their favorite designs. The more votes a page receives, the higher up it will appear on the scrolling list of screenshots. Sites are currently categorized into three basic sub-sections: Blog Designs, CSS Websites, and Flash Websites. In Their Own Words

“ is a design showcase where web designers can show off their talents and get inspiration as well as giving it.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is a well designed site and they seem to be doing a good job at encouraging user submissions and opinions which is the most important factor when judging whether or not a site like this will become a Killer or a flop.

Some Questions About

This space is incredibly crowded and while StyleVault is quite well-designed, it is not one of the cleaner looking sites available. Have they considered tweaking the design a bit to strengthen the overall presentation?

Author : Caroline Bright

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