– Share Stuff & Keep Track Of It

Stuffopolis.comA new web-based service, the aim of Stuffopolis is to enable you to “own less and live more” by letting you keep track of what your friends have borrowed in a neat manner.

In addition to that, you get instant access to the stuff that your friends are willing to share, as you can browse through their online collections of items.

The mechanics of the site itself are very straightforward. You simply register and then add both your stuff and your friends. Once this has been accomplished, your friends will be able to see your items and request borrowing them by e-mail.

Adding items is simplified thanks to the comprehensive database which is part of the premises. On the other hand, you can add custom items with your very own data and images.

Registration to the site comes at no cost, and it simply entails providing some personal particulars and profile information. In order to sign up you must be over 13, although minors can register with parent consent. In Their Own Words

“Stuffopolis is all about sharing stuff with your friends in a private and secure manner.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a novel system that will be appreciated by many. And it’s free.

Some Questions About

How many items make up the featured database?