– Ensure You Are Reading Fresh Feedback

StuffBox.comReading consumer reviews is all very nice and interesting, but these reviews can (and do) become outdated as time elapses and products are revised. When that happens, feedback which was once informative becomes plain obsolete.

Well, this new mobile app has been conceived as a way out of that conundrum.

Named Stuff Box, it lets you have access to opinions that are always fresh. That is achieved by asking your friends what they think, and getting their responses in real time.

You can ask your friends for their take on just about anything – a new smartphone, a new DVD player, a new car… and you will be notified the moment anybody has volunteered an opinion.

Stuff Box is integrated with Facebook – all the feedback that you receive (and also give) is going to be published there. This means that you will be utilizing your social graph to the full – all the opinions that you are receiving will come from people that you trust, or who mean something to you at the very least. In Their Own Words

“Instant feedback from friends.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

A service such as this one guarantees the relevancy of the feedback that you are reading, both in terms of where it comes from and freshness.

Some Questions About

What’s next? Will other mobiles be supported?