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StudyMatrix.comIt provides a highly targeted and purposeful community as the next step in the spontaneous evolution of Augmented Social Networks. Here, participants are no longer shackled by generic or unspecific requirements around socialization and entertainment but they can really use their precious time for meaningful purpose, readiness and personal advancement.


Let us say, an aspirant wants to become a Doctor. He joins an aspiration network, a community on portal, with thousands of members, who share his aspirations of becoming a Doctor. The portal allows aspirants to engage, collaborate, learn, share and compete. In Their Own Words

“Study Matrix is an online community for aspirants. A community of everyone who dream big and desire “clear” success. Study Matrix fosters focused collaboration, providing channels to communicate and share information related to your aspirations.”

Why It Might Be A Killer provides end to end and complete solution for today”s learners. The portal has implemented several relevant modules and gadgets that help in collaboration, competition, self-expression, engagement and self-development of aspirants who intent to succeed clearly.

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What are other new features and plug-ins?

Author : Bill Webb

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