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StudyEasy.orgFlash cards, far from being retro relicts of a past era, are making a wired comeback online via StudyEasy. This site is essentially a repository/flash card making tool which makes things really simple.


The interface is drab, but you definitely will not to be distracted from your studies. The premise is pretty easy, either make your own cards or search through cards already made. Cards can be imported and printed for use on the go. If you choose to study on site, you’ll be able to take advantage of the Leitner System of learning, in which the flash cards are assorted into groups according to how well you know each topic. If you miss a card, it goes back into the group and you’ll have to try it again later. StudyEasy will shuffle the cards allowing you to memorize both sides; or you can simply view both sides simultaneously as you would with normal notes. To access the site you do have to sign up first. In Their Own Words

“StudyEasy is a completely free flash cards engine with a variety of learning systems such as the Leitner System and a searchable database of already defined flash cards.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Flashcards are great study aids– many people use them from grade school through college. Giving students an online outlet to make the cards carries on the tradition, and it makes flash card learning even easier. Most kids these days are raised on the computer, anyways.

Some Questions About

The interface is beyond drab. There’s not a lot of content on the site. It’s not very clear how you make your own cards. This site needs to be more engaging, it needs to leverage more 2.0 features that everyone is so used to.

Author : Siri Marshall

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