– The Australian Facebook is the Down Under version of Facebook. It’s open to all Australian students currently enrolled in an Australian university; non-students however can register by electing the ‘none of the above’ option when registering.

As with any social network worth its salt, StudentFace has got events, albums, friends and friend invites, groups, private messaging and buzzes and profiles. Users can mass upload photos and include videos using VideoEgg for uploading clips. There’s also a NewsFeed similar to Facebook’s which allows you to see if your friends have updated their profile and/or added friends. A new feature called MyNotes, which allows members to share their study notes, is currently in the works. In Their Own Words

“StudentFace is a social networking service, which allows students to share information, swap photos, videos and much more. StudentFace helps unite students with similar interest from all over Australia in the most unique way.

StudentFace has just launched and we invite you to be part of something special.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

StudentFace has everything a social network needs and it’s Australian. While they have opened up to non-students and non-Aussies, the driving force behind StudentFace is in fact its national bent. If it weren’t for that it would look just like any other network. The note sharing feature is a nice touch.

Some Questions About

StudentFace still hasn’t gotten much attention. It doesn’t have the numbers, and making it available to everyone just amplifies the effect of being yet another network.