Student Loan Hero Swoops In To Help Students Repay Loan Debt

$1.3 trillion dollars.


It’s the kind of figure that makes the entrepreneurial heart race thinking about new market potential, investment capital. It made Founder Andy Josuweit’s heart race, too, at about the rate of $104,000, or the amount of student loan debt he was personally on the hook for, adding to that staggering number of total student loan debt for U.S. students.


Good news for other students: Josuweit’s mind started racing as well, and he created Student Loan Hero to help students manage their loans more easily and become smarter about repaying them.


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For starters, Student Loan Hero helps students get organized. They can input all their loans in one place. This includes both private and federal loans. So, students know exactly where they stand at all times.


Keeping loan debt in view is good for clarity, but the main reason for consolidating loan information is that Student Loan Hero can then help generate a personal repayment plan that works best for each individual borrower – for free!


It goes without saying that people have different loans, graduate with different jobs and salaries – several variable factors that dictate needing to pay off loans at different rates within different timeframes. In just a couple of minutes (and without shelling out more money for an expensive advisor), Student Loan Hero will guide students toward a repayment strategy based on his or her situation.


Student Loan Hero offers unbiased help. It’s all about helping you, the student, figure out the best way to pay back your loan – without dealing unnecessarily with loan servicers, debt collectors, and the banks.


Calculators allow students to more easily see how much money they save by paying off loans before interest kicks in. Refinancing calculators helps students compare things like expected monthly payments, total payoff amounts, and amount saved by consolidating loans.


The tools have been collected by someone who’s been there himself, with simplicity and relief in mind. No student should feel like there’s nowhere reliable to turn for assistance. Student Loan Hero gathers resources that students can trust and actually use, so that they can get a handle on loan repayments as quickly as possible.


Already, Student Loan Hero has come to the rescue of more than 60,000 borrowers, helping them to wipe out almost $1.5 billion in loan debt.


Are you in need of serious relief, of finding a way to better manage student loan debt? Eliminate stress and save money by turning to Student Loan Hero to put together a custom repayment plan.


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