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Stubmatic.comStubmatic can be defined as an online box office service that caters for venues, promoters, bands and theatres. Members of Stubmatic sell tickets over the web, and there are no booking fees for doing so.

Moreover, the company provides all the necessary tools for promoting, selling and tracking sales.

Such a service is ideal not only for theatres and music promoters, but also for festivals, fates and sporting events. Furthermore, there is no need to install any software at all – a personal box office is hosted by the company, so that all you need is a web browser in order to use Stubmatic.

A site tour can be taken anytime, and it touches on the fine points of this system and its actual implementation. The site also includes a “Who is using Stubmatic?” category that showcases the advantages such a system brings about.

One of the most notable points of Stubmatic is that there is full MySpace integration, an aspect that gives it further immediacy and a broader reach.

As far as payments are concerned, these are handled via the web commerce company PayPal, so that transactions are dealt with instantly over the web. This also means that all PayPal supported currencies and countries are taken into consideration. In Their Own Words

“Stubmatic is an online box office service for venues, promoters, bands, theatres and anyone with tickets to sell. Our members sell tickets online without incurring any booking fees and we provide all the tools to promote, sell and track sales.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Customers are not charged any fees, and they are provided a range of tools to promote their events from SEO optimised box offices with MySpace integration.

Some Questions About

What features are going to be added in the foreseeable future?