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Stticky.comBeing able to send pictures by email no longer seems to be the best option available since there are different services that help users to share their images with others in different ways.


com is a useful site that was developed to maximize the way people share images and communicate online, being benefited by the power provided by real-time technology.

In essence, the site provides you with an alternative service that was designed to give you the opportunity to save time and energy while you share pictures and data in real time. The site has released a new and improved beta that features significant speed improvements over the previous edition. As you might imagine, you can make use of this solution in order to be benefited with its advantages simply by providing your Twitter credentials. The best feature displayed by the site is the fact that it offers different videos that show you the way you can upload and share your pictures.

And there is much more to the site than that. Among other advantages you will be capable of sending messages to your contacts from any browser. You will be able to send text messages with an unlimited number of characters free of charge, and these messages will be instantaneously delivered. In addition to this, this is a good way to perform efficient file transfers. In case you want to learn more about this application you can follow it on twitter or give it a visit at In Their Own Words

“Permission based messaging (you are in control, no more spam), Text messages (no limit to the number of characters, no cost per message), Instant messages (no software to download/install/upgrade), File transfer (fast, easy and without the extra bandwidth or hard disk space), Multimedia messages (embed any youtube video in your message)”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Because it displays a new way to get in touch with other and share images and other kind of files.

Some Questions About

Is there any other site providing a similar service? How is this service better that its competitors?

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