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The VPN accounts are a great tool to make your appearance on the Internet secure and keep your vital information private. Also bypass local internet restrictions with a Strong VPN account, and more. They provide a VPN connection between your computer, mobile phone, iPod Touch and any device that supports VPN to their American Servers. They have been able to steadily grow their customer base by understanding a fundamental rule in regards to business. There is no way to truly grow a hosting business on product and price advantage alone, the most important factor to a successful business is a strong customer service culture. Going with the wrong hosting company can be devastating to an online business; they want to assure you of their maturity and skill. In Their Own Words

“ / mission is to provide 5 star support with a exceptional all fiber network for your servers. While our servers are especially fast to Asian routes, you will find it fast for any networks around the world.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Many of their customers are living overseas and don’t like the restrictions. There are many sites that actually block non USA IP addresses, like NBC and Pandora. Having a VPN also circumvents Sandvine IP Throttles. In UAE Skype is actually blocked, but with the VPN it works. A StrongVPN account fixes many issues.

Some Questions About

Will StrongVPN emerge as real authority among these sites?

Author : Bill Webb

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