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StrongFams is a social network that focusses on bringing families together. StrongFams uses powerful web 2.


0 tools to facilitate communication amongst families more then ever.

StrongFams In Their Own Words

staying in touch with family can be difficult especially if you are separated by state, even country, boundaries. StrongFams is here to help!

Why StrongFams It Might Be A Killer

StrongFams has all the tools needed to keep families closer. StrongFams enables users to communicate efficiently through messages and creating events. Audio, Video and Pictures can be uploaded at great ease and without limitations to help families capture must see family turnpoints. Families can now share and chat with members in Iraq. StrongFams could potentially go Viral, assumin every family has atleast 30 members that join, merely the first 30 new dedicated new users could contribute massive sustainable growth.


Strongfams has just been relaunched and a fresh new database started, all old active users were not grandfathered and are expected to re-register for the new and improved features.

Author : Fred Inman

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