– Like Foursquare But For Dating

StreetSpark.comI have lost track of the number of location-based services I have already reviewed since the month began, but I haven’t lost one tiny bit of motivation or interest. They are all terrific, and they stand as the true shape of things to come.

The latest to join in the fray is Street Spark. I will define it in three words: Foursquare for dating. You download the application at the Appstore, and upon launching it you will be able to specify what kind of person you are keen on meeting. Street Spark will look for a suitable match in your proximity. These matches are termed “sparks” in the site’s parlance, and when one such match is found it is up to you and him/her to “ignite” the “spark”. If you do that successfully, you can chat or meet up. If not, you just “extinguish” the “spark” and keep on looking.

In actuality, this platform is not just for singles. Any person who wants to meet up with somebody who shares his/her same interests can resort to it. Obviously, in that case the terms “spark” and “ignite” are not really applicable. But the function the app plays is the same in each and every case: it will let you find someone who is truly compatible with you, and that person might as well turn out to be the commuter standing next to you day in and day out. In Their Own Words

“StreetSpark is a real-time matching network… You tell us the type of person you want to meet. We search for those people nearby.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a fun way to get to know someone you might already see on a daily basis.

Some Questions About

How safe is this? Which measures are being taken by the company to avoid potential problems?