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Streetfolio.comAre you tired of property management fees? Streetfolio is a do-it-yourself property management application. Steetfolio stores information about your properties- address, mortgage, rent, lease information, and photos, among other details.


The application features a financial section- an archived cashflow database and an analytics application that visually interprets your cashflow trends. Streetfolio also includes a contact section- so all contractor, electrician, and accountant information is stored in one place. Finally, Streetfolio can set reminders so you don’t forget important dates. In Their Own Words

“Now you don’t need to be a real estate agent to manage property. Streetfolio is the safe, secure and easy way to manage your own property. So say goodbye to property management fees and hello to property management the easy way.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

You obviously have much more invested in your own property than a third party, but in the past you may not necessarily have had the right tools to manage it. Streetfolio provides you with those tools, at a fraction of the price than a traditional property management firm.

Some Questions About

Many second properties that require management are located away from a customer’s home base city. Streetfolio should include contact information for local contractors, and a way for you to easily contact them.

Author : Mery Fisher

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