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StreetFlow.netA new iPhone application that can be compared to a personalized tour guide, StreetFlow is the one app for ensuring you won’t overlook points of interests in any road trip you take. By downloading and installing the application (you can get it for free at the App Store), you’ll be getting audio and images for any place that you’re passing through. You might be onboard a train or a bus, you might be traveling in your car with your whole family. It’s all the same, as the app will deliver timely updates to you, highlighting these places you shouldn’t miss under any concept. If you’re driving, you’ll listen to these recommendations. And if you’re not, then you’ll get both to listen to what’s being recommended and watch the photos being displayed on your iPhone.


An app like this one is specially interesting to people who are visiting a foreign city for the first time, as it’s one of the friendliest ways of ensuring you’ll see all the sights that matter. Not speaking that country’s language won’t be a problem for knowing what’s to be enjoyed there. You won’t have to ask anybody, the app will take care of notifying you of all the best sights wherever you are. In Their Own Words

Your personal tour guide for any road trip. Instantly see, hear and learn what’s around you.

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What about adding voice support for languages other than English?

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