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Streams.imA great way to keep a good watch on all these things that matter to you, is a free application that is here to reduce the time you spend looking for information manually on the Internet. This new web service lets users create streams that are made up of nothing but the information they care about by supplying these keywords that denote their interests. Users submit them, and takes care of begin tracking such topics, presenting all the latest information that has become available on the Internet in a visually-appealing setting.


New movie releases, the latest video games, political news, the comings and goings of celebrities… it can all be tracked using this new service. And note that you can always have a look into the most popular streams that others have created, so that there is no need for you to create a stream of your own at all – you can simply jump into an already existing one, and begin keeping track of everything like that. In Their Own Words helps you keep updated on specific topics, interests and keywords by showing you the latest in news and social media activity pertaining to what you follow.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a free and fast way to stay abreast of these news that matter to you.

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What else is the site good for?

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