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StreamDrag.comA service which has clearly been set up with practicality and ease of use in mind, StreamDrag will enable you to look up music files which are part of YouTube videos and arrange and create playlists that can be listened to whenever you wish.

The site revolves around a basic search tool that has the distinct advantage of being very fast. For instance, I tried looking up “The Who”, one of my best-loved bands and 50 different results were produced almost instantly. These included classic performances of My Generation and Pinball Wizard along with monumental recent performances like Baba O’Riley at the Concert for New York City and Won’t Get Fooled Again at the Live 8.

All in all, a service like this stands as a versatile (not to mention inexpensive) way of listening to your favorite music wherever you are, and also as a viable way of recommending your favorite artists to friends and acquaintances when you don’t have a CD or your MP3 player at hand. In Their Own Words

“Hear your favorite music.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a good and free way of listening to your best-loved tunes wherever you are.

Some Questions About

How could the site be improved? What features should be added?