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Stream19.comIf you think nothing of jumping off a cliff, you rock climb more than you actually walk, and a dip in the river isn’t worth it unless it involves class five rapids, Stream19 is the social network for you. The website caters to action sports lovers, and provides an ideal forum for them to showcase their videos, events, and friends.


Stream19 also hosts a contest for an individual to become sponsored by a company, called “king of the spot.” Members are categorized according to their sport of choice. The website can be viewed in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Many pages also feature a map to pinpoint the exact location (often an out-of-the-way place) where the individual is currently residing. In Their Own Words

“Stream19 is a social network for action sports lovers! A social network not for everybody… exclusive for you!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

One of the hardest things for participants of extreme sports to achieve is a sponsorship. Stream19 can highlight skills (via video) of the athletes, and everyone has a popularity ranking (so someone who is potentially under-the-radar for a sponsor might become more appealing after researching them on this site). In addition, many of the profile pages feature businesses- guided rock climbing tours, kayaking expeditions- so Stream19 could become a great resource for people wanting an alternative, extreme sporting expedition.

Some Questions About

Could the website integrate geography in a little more? Could it show where members are on a global and regional map, to meet up with others in the area?

Author : Mery Fisher

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