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Stratics.comIf you’re a big fan of multi-player games such as Lord of the Rings, Sims or World of Warcraft, is the place for you.

This site provides you with everything a multi-player’s player needs to know. You can read reviews of existing games and previews of yet to hit the market, written by its effective and knowledgeable editors. Also, you can check out the latest gaming news in their front page, which cover Final Fantasy XI, Age of Conan and many more. If you want to find playing partners, or trade tricks and cheats, you can join the Message Boards or the Chatting Room. Finally, if you think you know a lot about the web and multi-player games, you can check out the job offers that Stratics has posted and make a go at it. In Their Own Words

“Stratics is dedicated to providing the absolute best in online gaming information. Our primary focus is the online gaming community. We work hard to provide the right mix of tools and information that can help bring players together, inform the gaming community on upcoming events and also the latest news and information involving the online gaming industry.”

Why It Might Be A Killer is an elegant website that provides the multi-player games’ fan with everything he needs to know and more.

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Some links’ pages never download, will they fix them? The front page has way too much information on it, will they make the navigation simpler and easier?