Storypod: Less screen time. More story time.

For children of the Digital Age, it can be virtually impossible to imagine a time before smartphones and tablets were readily at their fingertips. Sure, screens may offer kids endless hours of entertainment and even quality educational content — but overexposure to screens have also been proven to have negative cognitive and behavioral effects on children.

That’s why the folks at Storypod have created a healthy alternative to screens for both educating and entertaining your kids. 

Storyopd is a smart, interactive, screenless storytelling toy developed for kids ages 3 and up, starring lovably adorable yarn figurines called “Crafties” designed to heighten kids’ imagination with classic stories, music, and read-along audiobooks. 

The Storypod interactive audio player is activated when a Craftie is attached magnetically to the top of the Storypod, unlocking a particular type of classic, licensed, and original broadcast-quality content — from music to nursery rhymes, to games, to learning topics, and more. 

The yarn Crafties are eco-friendly, machine-washable, plastic-free, and are embedded with an NFC chip and packed with 90 minutes of audio content that downloads directly onto Storypod and can be played anytime offline without Wi-Fi. 

Storypod’s Crafties come in a wide variety of different cute characters, each with its own unique type of embedded content, including Puss In Boots (fairy tales), Oswald Owl (bedtime stories), Tortoise & The Hare (fables), Sleepi Sheep (lullabies), and dozens more. 

Key Features 

  • Premium Audio — Storypod’s content team, which includes licensed educators and a Grammy-award winning sound engineer, has created an audio library of 300+ tracks with over 30 hours of high-quality audio stories and songs in English and Spanish. 
  • Make Your Own Recordings — Storypod includes a special feature called myCrafties that allows you to record your own personalized messages through the Storypod app. Record greetings, tell jokes, read your kids their favorite stories, and more!
  • Interactive Learning — Storypod actively stimulates learning through age-appropriate question & answer sessions between story chapters and engages children on what they heard, improving comprehension skills. Storypod features four color buttons that kids can press to choose their own adventure, answer questions, and trigger special effects. 
  • Stress-Free Bedtime Routine — Storypod also features a sleep timer and night light so kids can fall asleep listening to their favorite bedtime stories, lullabies, or white noise soundscapes. 
  • Read-Along Audio Books — Storypod’s read-along audio books allow your kids to experience their favorite stories come to life through dynamic audio narrations to help them develop their reading skills. 


If you’re interested in a screen-free solution for your kids that’s both fun and educational, check out Storypod’s website here for more information, or visit the team’s Kickstarter page to pre-order today.