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Storymash – The Future of Collaborative Fiction

Storymash is a mashup of fiction readers and writers. It is a collaborative system that pays all authors over 50% of all revenue.


Readers can vote for their favorite story branch. Over time, the best storylines will evolve into the most entertaining, and profitable storytelling.

Every chapter can have an unlimited number of follow-up chapters, that compete with each other for reader votes. All chapters have their own discussion forum where readers and authors can share their feedback and ideas.

Anyone can publish chapters, one at a time, including follow-up chapters to existing chapters from other authors. Eventually, stories will evolve into new “great works of fiction”. StoryMash will license out the content to generate income for all authors, including printed novels, movie rights, merchandising etc.

Why Storymash It Might Be A Killer

StoryMash will soon allow any digital media format, including text, podcast, illustrations, and video.

StoryMash is the first business model that combines the wiki-esk “wisdom of the crowds” with storytelling. StoryMash is the next revolution of human storytelling.

StoryMash provides a fair contract for writers. Writers keep their copyright, and grant StoryMash a non-exlusive license so that StoryMash can adapt and possibly resell combined works. Striking Hollywood writers love this model.

StoryMash is a great way for new authors to preview their work to a new audience, and allows them free advertising to promote their existing work.

Author : Caroline Bright

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