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StoryAmp.comIf you and your band are having trouble getting mentions in the press, then StoryAmp comes highly recommended. The usefulness of this site is such that it lets you create dispatches which can be distributed using the company’s own press lists, and brought directly into the hands of sympathetic journalists. These dispatches are created for free, and you can include your band’s bio, photos, videos, setlists and pretty much anything that would give music journalists a chance to write some good copy.

And if your band has been around for ages and you’ve got just lots of pictures and videos that you want to have included in your dispatch, then you can do so by signing for a paid account. This will cost you $15, and in addition to letting you upload as many photos and videos as you want to be used in your music pitches, it will let you password-protect everything. In this way, you’ll make sure that only people who work in the industry will get to read your dispatches.

In any case, dispatches can also be shared with fans. It depends on who you choose to share your passwords with.

And it must be mentioned that for a limited time premium accounts can be bought at a discounted price. Right now, instead of having to pay $15 you can pay $10 and get one to promote your band to the full. In Their Own Words

Whether you are going on tour or releasing a new recording, you have a story to tell. Traditional media has proven its staying power and influence on music fans. StoryAmp offers you an easy way to connect with members of the press who write about music. You upload your music, story, photos, videos, concert info, links, and more to create a Dispatch. You can share your Dispatch with your own lists or choose to distribute the Dispatch to one or more of our press lists.

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Is there a minimum number of photos and videos that you have to submit for your pitch to be created?