– Buy And Sell Kid Items

StorkBrokers.comStorkBrokers is an online marketplace that is geared towards parents. Here, they are enabled to buy and sell gently-used baby (and kid) items such as clothes, toys and strollers.

In this way, instead of having to donate unused items or give them away at a loss parents are actually turning them into a profit.

The actual categories include Clothing & Accessories, Learn & Play, Furniture and Travel. Plus, both For Dads and For Moms categories are featured, and items such as backpacks and maternity wear are listed there.

And note that if you are looking for something that is nowhere to be found then you can just set down an alert, and be notified when someone lists such a product. No need to check the site every five minutes to see if what you want has become available.

So, to all intents and purposes this site is the closest to a version of eBay for parents that can be found online. Check it out by clicking on the link provided below – accounts can be created at no cost. In Their Own Words

Buy used baby items, sell baby clothes and more.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is just like eBay, but only that for parents. There are no comparable sites around.

Some Questions About

Which fees are to be paid for each successful transaction?