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Storenvy.comSocial shopping stands as a potential goldmine that is being explored minute by minute. This particular resource aims to let anybody open a store of his own, and jump in the bandwagon.


Two main services are included. The first enables users to create a DIY store, whereas the other makes for creating a pro store. The former is not yet fully implemented, but the latter is already functional and it will let anybody come up with a store with the following format: the company takes care of packaging and shipping items, and the user employs an Admin Panel in order to run everything.

On the other hand, the forthcoming DIY Store will enable the user to take care of everything right to the shipping and handling itself. This modality also implies that the user is paid directly.

We are bound to hear a lot from social developments on the web over coming months. For the time being, social shopping is addressed by this new initiative, and those who are interested in the concept will come across valuable information at the Storenvy site. In Their Own Words

“Building a social online community.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

A concept such as social shopping is set to attract a lot of attention, as any other concept that is related to the social web.

Some Questions About

When will DIY shops be fully implemented?

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