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Storeboard.comI know many store owners who feel that creating a Facebook page for their stores instead of going for a fully-fledged site is not really professional. Of course, that happens because they see Facebook as a place to hang out with friends, not as a place where businesses could be made. Which couldn’t be further removed from the truth. But a site like Storeboard has got all it takes to start showing that kind of people how a social site can be every bit as professional as a “traditional” website.

Thanks to this new platform, business owners can come up with a dynamic profile for their stores. These profiles can include media such videos and information like blog posts and status updates, all under the same roof. And they can get instantly shared on more than 300 social media sites. Besides, Storeboard includes a business directory in which you’ll be listed for the simple fact of having signed up for a profile. And a marketplace is also provided, along with classifieds.

Storeboad can actually be used not only by business owners but also by people in charge of charities and non-profits that are looking for ways of connecting with a larger public. And Storeboard’s usefulness in such cases is underlined by the fact that profiles come at no cost. There’s some premium packages available, but the basic version of the service is free for everybody. In Their Own Words

The social media site for business.

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