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StorageRoomApp.comStorage Room stands as content management system for mobile applications. Developers can use it to let editors work on the actual content of their apps, without having to worry about the installation or the scaling of anything. This CMS effectively takes away all the technical considerations that could bring an app down when someone tries to update its content, and has it replaced with an interface which turns everything into a stress-free task both for developers and content editors.

When using Storage Room, all the data go into “Collections” (IE, containers) where everything is kept, and the structure of the content itself is defined. One Collection equals one set of content.

A tiered approach to pricing ensures there is going to be a plan for everybody here. Four are available, covering the needs of freelancers, small teams and hefty companies by letting them build up and manage a different number of collections each. They go by the names of Basic, Plus, Premium and Max. All plans are billed monthly, and they come with a free 30-day trial. Pricing starts at $ 12 In Their Own Words

Better content management for mobile applications.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It lets developers have apps whose content is updated by hand, and in a way that could never actually cause a conflict or take the whole application down.

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