– Twitter Meets The Stock Market

StockTweetApp.comIf you take just a couple of minutes to think about it, matching Twitter with the stock market is a combination that seems almost preordained. It equals coupling an entity that changes by the second with a tool that can communicate information instantly, and the information in question is always valuable.

That is, a tweet that reports on a stock market movement is never going to be redundant like a tweet sent out by Jack to let the world and his wife know that he has finished eating a delicious hot dog in Central Park.

In addition to including a live stream with market updates, the site has a search functionality that can be operated by supplying the relevant symbols. In that way, if you had to stray from your computer’s screen for a while you will be able to see if something that could appeal to your line of business was tweeted during your absence. And the ability to have a list in which only stocks that you customized beforehand are displayed also serves the purpose of streamlining the whole experience. In Their Own Words

“Real-time stock market updates from Twitter.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Twitter lends itself splendidly to a minute by minute task such as this one.

Some Questions About

How knowledgeable must you be in order to maximize this?