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Stocktipr.comStocktipr is a new networking platform that is based on a very interesting premise: classifying and ranking investors according to the performance of their stock tips. This is accomplished via a proprietary algorithm that can go through stock tips, analyze them and then have them ranked.

The tips that are analyzed are actually submitted by users of the site, and if you become a part of the network you will be able to start following the ones that are more active, and interact with them. And finding out who is who is anything but difficult as a leaderboard is featured on the main page for you to check at a glance.

Also highlighted on the homepage is a list of the hottest tips, and a searchable index of companies. And the tips that have just been posted can be grouped together along with the ones that are completed. Giving these a glance will let you have an even clearer appreciation of the featured tippers, and know them better before deciding to click on the “Follow” button. In Their Own Words

“Find & Share Great Stock Tips Through the Power of Social Networking.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It turns stock trading into something much easier for everybody – a platform like this gives people who are knowledgeable a true chance to shine.

Some Questions About

Are there other sites that take a similar approach?