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StigID.comThe aim of this website is to let internauts promote themselves over the web in a very succinct way, highlighting abilities and skills along with a little personal information that can be accessed by anybody.

Each StigID page is made up of ten different lines.

These include your name and occupation, your likes and dislikes, and related information. An e-mail for contact purposes must likewise be provided.

In order to create an ID you must register first. This process comes at no cost, and all you have to do is submit account information and your e-mail so that people can reach you easily. A link to your preferred social network profile can also be posted.

In addition to that, a search tools is featured so that you can see if your friends have already created a StigID and check their profiles out. A button that showcases random StigIDs is also featured for those who want to make new friends in a more or less instant way. In Their Own Words

“StigID – Showcase Yourself.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Web-based social endeavors are a potential goldmine.

Some Questions About

What advantage does it have over well-established social networking services?