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StickyScreen.orgPresented by Mr. Jack Cheng, StickyScreen is a new initiative that aims to update the concept of sticky notes as we know them , or at least the concept as Mr.

Cheng is acquainted with.

As he explains online, he has a habit of putting sticky notes on the edge of his monitor, and he changes these about once in a week. These sticky notes usually deal with something he has learned, as encapsulated in a mantra or in a dictum.

This latest project of his lets anybody place notes in the middle of the monitor as a sort of “note to self”, and keep things always fresh – you sort of know you will see the note next time you boot up your machine, yet you also forget that is bound to happen.

These sticky screens can be put to as many uses as you wish. Some of the most obvious ones include small reminders and ways of keeping oneself self-motivated, whereas those who share the same browser can use them to post messages to other users if they have to leave in a hurry. The way sticky screens are implemented, the intended recipient is certain to see them.

This service is available in a wholly inexpensive manner, so that if the basic premise sounds appealing to you I would advice you to follow the featured link and read more at the Mr. Cheng’s website. In Their Own Words

“I have a habit of putting sticky notes on the edge of my monitor. Usually these notes consist of mantras I come up with based on something I’ve learned or read recently. I have to change it up about once a week because if I get too used to seeing it, I start ignoring it. My new mini-project takes the note off the edge of your monitor and puts it smack dab in the middle. The idea is to set StickyScreen as your homepage so that your ‘note to self’ shows up whenever you open a new tab or browser window.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a practical and very straightforward way of setting down auto-reminders.

Some Questions About

How can this solution be further developed?