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StickyChicken.comAccording to the team behind this startup, StickyChicken was created in order to revitalize the online community by giving its members a chance to have a more active lifestyle and meet up with new people face-to-face.


As a result, StickyChicken stands as an online resource that will let anybody organize and join local pick-up games.

The site makes it very easy to discover games that are going to be held as well as arranging one from scratch yourself.

The main page includes a search tool that will let you specify the name of the game you are interested in playing as well as choosing the relevant location from a provided drop down menu,

Registration to the website comes at no charge, and it is actually mandatory for fully using the site and joining any of the featured groups. This is the one and only requisite that has to been complied with.

All in all, the site is definitely worth a visit if you want to interact offline with people you know online, and get down to some old-fashioned fun and entertainment. In Their Own Words

“Stickychicken is a place for discovering and self-organizing local pick-up games. It?s easy to add your favorite pick-up game spot, find fun pick-up games, or create your own and invite friends! Our mission is to revitalize the local pickup game community and empower people around the world to self-organize both online and face-to-face games. stickychicken believes that your active lifestyle is just as important as your online one.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is an excellent way of meeting your online contacts offline.

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Which territories are taken into account?

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