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StickmanGames.comHow much fun could you have with a game whose main character is a stickman? A helluva lot of fun, that’s how much fun you could have by playing one such title. Just give this site and try, play any of the featured games and tell me what you think afterwards. is home to nothing but titles where you play the thinnest of characters. He might be wearing a top hat, he might be wearing some colored clothes, but what you’re taking control of is (to all intents and purposes) a stick.

You’ll get to guide him through dangerous landscapes, to have him turned into a sniper, a hitman, a climber… there’s lots and lots of games to play here. They’re arranged into four main categories: “Action”, “Fighting”, “Shooting” and “Strategy”. And in order to let you find the best of the best, the site has got a corner for these that have received the highest ratings. You can also see the ones that people are playing the most, and check them out to see what the hoopla’s all about.

And let me remind you that absolutely all of the games that you can play on this site are available for free. So, if you find yourself at home and your little kids are particularly noisy when you’re doing something important then you can point them to this site. The games are easy to play, and they’re essentially free from the graphic content that most modern titles always have. In Their Own Words

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