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stHrt.comstHrt is a start page that will let you organize the sites you like best and access them from a centralized location. In addition to that, this homepage can be shared with your friends so that you can have the same browsing experience in an immediate manner.

Since sites can be ranked and rated, anybody can know which sites are worth perusing and which ones are not worth hunting down.

Other features that are worth mentioning include the ability to have multiple homepages for home and work, whereas a functionality for adding new sites to your homepage or homepages while navigating is also part of the premises.

As regards the way you access your saved pages, stHrt includes a method named “layer browsing” that makes for visiting sites without having to leave the homepage. This is a very nice development, actually, and it might stand as the shape of things to come for these kind of services.

Finally, there is a progress meter that will let you get to grips with the system at the speed that will suit you best, so that it can be said that users from all across the spectre are duly accounted for. In Their Own Words

“stHrt is the best Internet start page for organizing cool websites you visit often. You can also connect your homepage with friends, share sites, message friends and more so change home pages today.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a nice and different way to access your favorites from the same spot.

Some Questions About

How can the layered browsing concept be further utilized?