– Music That Matches Your Mood

Stereomood.comWhen we feel down and out there is nothing like a sad/happy song in order to put everything in perspective. That is, some people listen to sad numbers because they don’t feel alone, whereas others give uplifting numbers a try in order to escape a bad moment they feel they could not get out otherwise.

This applies to absolutely every single person I know. Consequently, the site I am reviewing now will be worth the time and attention of every single internaut.

In general terms, it is a sort of web-based emotional radio that will let you set your emotions to music. As simple as it sounds. All you do is choose a tag and away you go. If you feel broken-hearted, you can simply blast “One” by U2. If you feel unstoppable, you can play The Proclaimers “I’m On My Way”. And if you feel all lovey-dovey, simply stream “Unchained Melody”.

I am so keen on music that a site like this one is a perfect match for me. And I am more than sure it will be a perfect match for many of you as well. Simply locate your web browser at in order to pick the piece that best describes how you are feeling now. In Their Own Words

“Emotional internet radio – music for my mood and activities.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

People love music – it expresses their innermost feelings. This site makes finding songs to go with the way you feel a very easy task indeed.

Some Questions About

Is there anything like this that lets you watch music videos according to your mood?